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Would You Like Us to Help You Become a Published Author?

Here's Who This is For:

This is for a Consultant, Coach or Speaker that:

Has an established business generating at least $100,000 per year.
Wants to leverage their knowledge by generating additional cash flow.
Wants to publish a bestselling book without having to work years to get it done.

That's it!

If you meet the criteria above, then I'd love to speak with you.

Here's What We've Got:

Our book writing process helps you:

Go from idea to a fully published book quickly and easily (usually in 90 days or less).
Add "Published Author" to your bio to strengthen your industry credibility.
Unlock a strategy to get clients from your book and expand your current business.

Here's How It Works:

Create Your 1st Draft

Write your first draft in 30-60 days... with our help.

Publish Your Book

We'll show you how to position / market yourself in your book, and get your book published on Amazon at a high level of quality so that you can collect all royalties and own 100% of the copyright for your book.

Monetize Your Book

We help you leverage and monetize your book by getting published on high traffic websites like Business Insider, Forbes, Bloomberg, USA Today, and the Financial Times so that you're getting clients and expanding your business.

Here's What You Don't Do:

No overwhelm trying to organize, outline or structure your book
No guessing if your book will attract your dream clients and generate a ROI.
No struggling to get book reviews. (We help you get all you need).
No wasting HOURS with long, tedious writing sessions. (When you follow our process, you can finish your first draft in 60-days)

Here’s What You'll Provide:

As part of our work together, it will be your job to:

Show up every week to our 1-on-1 Zoom calls.
Write 2-3 hours per week.
Follow our proven process and complete each step. 

How Is This Different?

This service is for 'self-help' 'how-to' business books and autobiographies. We don't work with children's books, poetry, cookbooks and fiction writers. 

Not only do we help you self-publish your book, but we help you market and monetize your book by driving highly qualified sales leads into your business through our Book Launch Methodology.

Traditional publishers can help you get exposure, but what we are offering goes beyond that... we're offering to help you sell more books to key decision makers who want to hire you for your programs and services. The Book Launch Methodology we use helps you sell books, generate highly qualified sales leads and sign more clients guaranteed.


We only work with clients we know we can help. Therefore, we guarantee you will make at least 2X your initial investment back with us or we will work with you for FREE until you do.

As long as you are open, friendly, coachable and implementing 100% of the suggested actions, we guarantee that the Client will get results (at least 2 x ROI) from our program.

What's The Fee?

The investment starts at $8,000USD. For that you get direct access and 1-on-1 support to help you write, publish and launch your book so that you're selling more books, signing more clients and significantly increasing cashflow into your existing business.

This includes providing you the "publish ready" files to print physical copies of your book, full book Cover Design, and a strategic book launch that will help you get clients from your book and expand your current business.  We don't mess around.

However, because this done for you service requires quite a bit of our time and energy, we only accept a small group of clients at any time.

So if you're interested...

Here's What You Need To Do Next:

Click here to speak with me or someone on my team. That link will open a new window and take you to my Calendar where you're free to book your call with me.

On our call, we'll review your goals, what you're looking to do, and then see if it makes sense to work together. If we're a fit, then we'll talk next steps. If not, that's 'ok' too. We only want to work with clients that line up with our values, and typically, we'll speak for around 60 minutes.

Thanks for reading this letter, and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Click here to schedule your 60-minute call.


“It's only been 6 weeks and we're almost done the first draft! This process has been a lot of fun. I highly recommend you speak with Steve and his Team if you want to publish a book.”

~ Mark Kresser, CEO at Zac Brown Collective

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